Healthy snacks are essential for a busy family! And these snacks are not only healthy but undeniably healthy.. and perfect for n-the-go days!

Jars of chia pudding with blueberry jam in them and blueberries and blackberries on top with a sprig of mint.

Protein Chia Pudding Recipes

Take your breakfast to a whole new level with these protein chia pudding recipes. Easy to make and great for busy days, these high protein chia pudding recipes combine both fuel and indulgence. Dairy-free, gluten-free, and perfect for busy mom life. Chia pudding is one of the best make-ahead snacks or breakfast recipes for super...

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Close up of air fryer steak bites with parsley on them.

Easy Air Fryer Steak Bites

Cooked in just 10 minutes these air fryer steak bites come out tender, juicy, and perfectly seasoned! With a blend of cumin and garlic, these steak cubes work just as well as a game-day appetizer as they do as part of a busy weeknight dinner. Keep meal prep simple by whipping up these air fryer...

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Carrot mug cake in a white ramekin with a spoon in the ramekin and cream cheese frosting on top. Ramekin on a cutting board with carrot behind it.

2 Minute Carrot Mug Cake

A microwave mug cake that’s perfect for any occasion. This carrot mug cake is ready to eat in just two minutes and comes out soft, fluffy, and with 15 grams of protein. Dairy and gluten-free you can top this mug cake recipe with cream cheese frosting to amp up its indulgence. Mug cakes have become...

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Chocolate pregnancy cookies with pecans on top on a baking sheet with parchment paper.

High Protein Pregnancy Cookies

Soft, chewy, and nutty cookies that are perfect for mom-to-be! These pregnancy cookies are made with nourishing ingredients to help pregnant women stay full, fueled, and indulged! They’re a unique blend of whole foods mixed together in just five minutes and baked to chewy perfection. Being pregnant, you know you should bump up your protein...

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Close up of chocolate protein bars with powder on top.

How To Make Homemade Protein Bars (A Step By Step Guide)

Stay energized, full, and even indulge a craving by learning how to make protein bars at home! This step-by-step guide covers everything you need to know about making homemade protein bars including choosing the best protein powders, altering the texture, and adding in your favorite flavors! As a Certified Nutrition Coach, homemade protein bars are...

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Four images of high protein healthy snacks with text on top of them.

Healthy Snacks For Busy Moms

Always on-the-go? Use these healthy snacks for busy moms to help you gain some ENERGY and stay full while you’re running around. These high protein snacks are easy to make, and great for busy days. Plus, at the end of the blog post, you’ll also find a handful of packaged snacks for those days that...

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Mason jar with pumpkin spice overnight oats with cream cheese frosting on top and an orange linen and decorative pumpkins behind it.

Pumpkin Protein Overnight Oats (Dairy-Free)

Topped with silky, sweet cream cheese these pumpkin protein overnight oats are the perfect blend of fuel and indulgence. With 17 grams of protein and totally dairy-free, this overnight oats recipe is the perfect way to kick off fall! Any way that you can sneak in some extra pumpkin pie spice is a win, right?...

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Pumpkin Protein Muffins (Gluten-Free)

If you’re a fan of cozy fall flavors and looking for a guilt-free, fueling snack, this one is for you! These pumpkin protein muffins are a mouthwatering blend of pumpkin pie spice with gooey chocolate chips that make for the best way to satisfy your taste buds and fuel your goals. Embrace the fall season...

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Two tall glasses with slow cooker pumpkin spice latte topped with coconut milk and pumpkins and a slow cooker around them.

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Spice Latte In A Slow Cooker

Made with real pumpkin and your favorite comforting pumpkin spice flavor, this gluten-free pumpkin spice latte is the perfect drink to whip up for chilly mornings or cozy evenings. Made in a slow cooker, you can savor the comfort of autumn with every sip. This delicious, high-protein twist on a classic recipe will become a...

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Strawberry smoothie bowl topped with berries, mango, and coconut in a white bowl on a blue linen with fruit behind it.

5- Minute Strawberry Smoothie Bowl (No Banana)

Start your day with a delicious, nutrients packed breakfast! This strawberry smoothie bowl is creamy, refreshing, and made in just five minutes. Though the base of the smoothie bowl is simple, top it with the best smoothie bowl toppings to create something new each and every time. Satisfy your sweet tooth and fuel your body...

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Two fingers holding a low calorie protein ball with blueberries and more balls behind it.

Low Calorie Protein Balls (104 kcal, 4 Ingredients)

A tasty and convenient way to increase your protein intake! These low calorie protein balls are a bite-sized treat perfect for snacking on the go. Made with only four ingredients these blueberry protein balls are rich, whipped up in minutes, and make a healthy treat to satisfy your craving. Trying to sneak a bit more...

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High Protein Blueberry Chia Pudding

This creamy and indulgent blueberry chia pudding is packed with protein, fiber, and antioxidants making it the perfect choice for a mid-day pick-me-up. Made with frozen blueberries and nutrient-dense chia seeds this dairy-free chia pudding is not only good for you but incredibly easy to make too! So why not give it a try and...

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Spicy chicken bites in a cast iron skillet with green onions on top and a wooden spoon in the pan.

Spicy Chicken Bites

The best meal prep recipe you didn’t know you needed. If you’re looking for a flavorful and satisfying snack, appetizer, or dinner base, spicy chicken bites will surely hit the spot! Bite-sized pieces of tender chicken seasoned in a spicy blend that will awaken your taste buds no matter how you eat them! Whether you’re...

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Lemon protein muffins on a cooling rack with lemons around them.

Healthy Lemon Muffins (high protein, gluten-free)

Easy to make and deliciously tart, these healthy lemon muffins will become a morning staple in your house! Sweetened with honey and packed with collagen, they make a great addition to your morning routine or midafternoon snack. Lemon muffins have always been a favorite of mine because they’re just so refreshing! But traditional versions that...

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Keto chia pudding in a mason jar with raspberries on top and a spoon in the jar on a white plate with berries and a blue linen behind it.

Vanilla Keto Chia Pudding

Rich, creamy, and without the carbs this keto chia pudding is a delicious addition to your day! Made with just a handful of ingredients you can use this chia pudding recipe for a healthy snack or breakfast on the go. For most on-the-go breakfast recipes it’s easy to rack up the carb count. If you're...

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Mason jar with overnight oats topped in chocolate on a wooden coaster and cutting board with oats, another jar and honey behind it.

Chocolate Topped Protein Overnight Oats (Without Protein powder)

Fuel up your breakfast with these creamy, indulgent, protein overnight oats! Rich and delicious these high-protein overnight oats are topped with a thick, creamy, chocolate spread for maximum indulgence. Whip up a few jars and transform your everyday breakfast into something much more protein-packed and dessert-like! Skip the chaos in the mornings and have something...

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Two fingers placing a slice of chocolate chip protein banana bread on top of other pieces.

Slow Cooker High Protein Banana Bread

A no-fuss, slow cooker banana bread that will have you using up all the bananas on your countertop! This high-protein banana bread is a soft, delicious, moist dessert swirled with gooey chocolate chips. And because it’s cooked in the slow cooker, it makes the easiest addition to the table during the Holidays! Use up the...

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Lemon chia protein pudding topped with coconut cream in a small jar with lemons on top and a spoon in the pudding.

Lemon Protein Chia Seed Pudding

A creamy blend of coconut, lemon, and protein to give you a morning boost! This lemon protein chia seed pudding is an easy way to up your daily protein intake and enjoy what you eat. A great meal prep recipe, this protein chia pudding can be made as indulgent or healthy as you like! Whip...

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Two fingers holding a protein muffin with a red muffin liner and more banana protein muffins on a blue linen around it.

Nut-Free Banana Protein Muffins

Super light and easy to make these banana protein muffins are a great way to fuel up on the go! Naturally, dairy-free and gluten-free these nut-free muffins use bananas to keep them from getting too dense and honey for a bit of sweetness. Couple that with the fact that they have 5 grams of protein...

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Mason jar with coffee chia pudding topped with dairy-free whipped cream and a spoon in the jar

Dairy-Free Coffee Chia Pudding

Indulge in this creamy, coffee chia pudding first thing in the morning or for an afternoon energy boost. This dairy-free chia pudding recipe is easy, make-ahead meal that can satisfy a sweet tooth just as well as it can fuel you up! Made with 29 grams of protein and swirled with almond butter, this chia...

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