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What Is An Osteopath & What To Expect During An Osteopathic Treatment

An osteopath is a manual therapist that is concerned with self-healing & self-regulation. They work WITH your body to help it self-regulate. Learn more about what osteopathy is, what to expect on your first treatment, and the biggest reasons people seek out osteopathy. Read the full transcript here. Have you ever had low back pain?...

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Hey-I’m Shelby! a Certified Strength Coach (CSCS), nutrition coach (PN) and mama to three beautiful girls. 


I’m also a lazy foodie, workout lover and feeder of stray cats. It’s my mission to make everyday fitness and healthy living PRACTICAL for busy moms.


Fitasamamabear is where you’ll find the tools you’ll need for health and wellness. At-home workouts, healthy, allergy-friendly recipes and tips from a seasoned mama on how to make it all work.