Roasted Curried Beet Soup – Dairy Free, GF/V

Whip up a batch of this dairy free, gluten free beet soup as a savory side dish or simple lunch! This vegan soup is filled with healthy nutrients and hearty enough for a meal. Easy to make and a great way to help give your liver some love.
Prep Time 21 hours 52 minutes
Cook Time 21 hours 52 minutes
Servings 4 cups
Author fitasamamabear



  1. Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees.
  2. In a large bowl, combine the beets and carrots. Drizzle with oil, toss and sprinkle the seasoning over top. Toss again.
  3. Lay flat on a baking tray lined with foil.
  4. Toss the chickpeas in the oil and salt and lay on the baking tray also (or on separate trays).
  5. Place in the oven. Cook for 15 minutes, flip the veggies and roll the chickpeas and cook another 15 minutes.
  6. Once finished, remove the veggies from the tray but allow the chickpeas to cool on the tray in the oven (ensuring they’re hard and crispy but not burnt).
  7. To make the soup
  8. In a large pot, heat the oil over medium to high.
  9. Add in the onion and ginger and sauté for 3-4 minutes or until onion is soft.
  10. Add in the roasted veggies and let cook together a few minutes to infuse flavors.
  11. Add in the remaining ingredients and bring to a boil.
  12. Reduce heat and let simmer for fifteen minutes.
  13. Very carefully, scoop the soup into a powerful blender and blend until no lumps remain (or desired consistency).
  14. Return to the pot.
  15. Divide into four bowls and top with the roasted chickpeas.