Collagen Vs. Bone Broth

What's The Difference?

Learn the benefits of both as well as which one is best for you!

The Breakdow

Both healing, both support immune health.. so which one should you choose?

Bone Broth ★ Improved digestion ★ Helps nutrient absorptin ★ Boosted immune system ★ Helps nutrient absorption ★ Helps nutrient absorption

Collagen ★ Better digestion ★ Improves immune system ★ Glowing hair, skin, and nails ★ Muscle recovery ★ Great for joints and bones

How To Use Them

Bone broth can be made liquid form and both can be taken in powder form!

If you want to help boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, help your gut and increase your nutrient intake, choose bone broth.

If you’re looking to experience the above benefits plus get more protein into your diet to help with muscle recovery, growth, and improve muscle density, opt for collagen.

Both Collagen and Bone Broth rock when it comes to keeping you healthy. Learn more about them ↓↓

They're Both Great

Grab wicked recipes for collagen powder by clicking the link below.

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