Have more strength & energy to play with your kids

Through targeted, practical workouts done in under 30 minutes at home, I help you become stronger, more confident, and have more stamina for your day.

Showing up COUNTS.

·       No more major energy crashes

·       Increased day to day strength

·       Feel confident in your skin

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want more control?

Ready for more control in SHOWING UP for your goals?

Frustrated mom with toddler on her lap.

Ready to reap the benefits of MORE energy so you can play with your kids?

Busy mom carrying toddler and computer.

Ready to feel STRONG when you carry your kids and not have niggling back pain?

I’ve seen it a million times and as a mom of three, I know exactly how you feel. After 10+ years as a coach, I know that workouts done in under 30 minutes are both effective and practical.

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what to expect from the program

★ 4 workouts per week

★ Each workout is under 25 minutes

★ Video demos of each exercise

★ Sent right to your phone

★ New workouts every month (no boredom!)

★ 3 different commitment options

★ No burpee intervals

A Facebook Group just for clients

★ Workouts scheduled in an app to stay accountable


★ The more you commit the more money you save

The packages

The best part about feeling more confident and increasing your strength isn't just the ability to walk past a mirror and smirk or pick up your kids with ease.. it's the money you save!


You don’t need to waste precious time scouring the internet for the workouts you’ll do this week. And you won’t waste time stumbling around doing a few sets of squats and planks. Everything is ready for you!

Plus, the more you commit the more you save.

  • Month to Month: $28
  • 3 Months: $75 ($25/month)
  • 6 Months: $138 ($23/month)
  • 12 Months: $240 ($20/month)

Fit As A Mama Bear

My story

What seems like ages ago, I was a restaurant manager, smoker, and fast food junkie who couldn't even run a block without gasping for air. 

I started my journey to health about twelve years ago. There was no big "moment," nothing went wrong. I just made a promise to start SHOWING UP in some way each day.

Over the years those small changes grew to make a huge impact. 

But it was after becoming a mom that I realized how important it is that my body is physically strong and my mind is a little less crazy to keep up with the demands of life and motherhood. 

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Program Details

Calendar with markers.


Schedule your workouts to help keep you accountable.

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A blend of full body workouts & upper and lower body splits with an emphasis on strength.

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A new 4-week workout plan every month!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need equipment? 

All you need is a set of dumbbells, one strength resistance band, and one mini loop (AKA mini band).

How many days per week are the programs?

Each program has 4 workout days per week.

How long are the workouts?

All workouts are done in under 30 minutes.

What size dumbbells do I need?

I always recommend a set of 15 lbs dumbbells. For upper body work where you need lighter weights, use only one dumbbell or filled water bottles. But with 15 lbs, you can adequately target your legs.

What muscle groups do the workouts target?
Many of the workouts are full-body workouts designed to target as many muscle groups as possible. However, some months the workouts will be split into upper- and lower-body workouts or even body part splits to keep your body guessing.

Grab more answers about common questions from the FAQ Sheet.

Great Value!

No Guess Work

Demo Videos


On Demand

Easily done at home

Choose from committing to just 12 weeks or dive in and show up for yourself for six months or even a year. 

The more you commit the more money you save.