Primally Pure Organic Beauty Products

It wasn’t until I was trying to get pregnant with my first that I even began looking into what might be in the products I use. After my Holistic Nutritionist pointed out how much chemicals could alter hormones, especially fertility hormones, I pretty much did a sweep of the house.

It was then that I started making my own products- mainly because I didn’t trust buying anything anymore. And that definitely worked for a couple of years. But eventually, mom life catches up and I was stressing about making EVERYTHING. So, my quest for a quality, organic skincare products began.

And Primally Pure was the solution I found. All natural, organic skincare products I believe in. Products that help you eliminate chemicals from your routine. Products that actually work.

Finding a natural deodorant has completely changed my life. Mainly because I can rock being a hot mess mom… but smell half decent 😉 Using a natural deodorant is one of the best things you can do when eliminating chemicals from your routine. Check out a few tips on transitioning to a natural deodorant.

All About Natural Deodorant

Grab My Favorite Organic Skincare Products For Under $100

Charcoal Deadorant

Everything Spray

Almond Vanilla Body Butter

Blue Tansy Face Cream

Once I started reading ingredients on my traditional products I was freaked out. SO much crap that we’re just lathering on diary without thinking!

But finding a quality brand proved harder than I imagined.

What I found out was that even many “natural” products contain fragrance. Which is a mishmash of random ingredients that don’t have to be listed and are hardly tested.

And products that did meet my expectations didn’t work as awesome as conventional ones- especially when it came to deodorant!

It was a tiring loop.

But I finally found a company that made life more simple and saved me time from trying to diy everything myself.

I know with this company I’m giving my body the best option I can. That it’s equivalent to making my own products. I have yet to find a product I haven’t loved. Consider me hooked.