4 Months To A Stronger You

How To Get Strong AF e-Book Program

  • This At-Home Program is designed so that you don't need any fancy equipment.  It incorporates using your own bodyweight and later, resistance bands for the workouts (I recommend and use these bands)
  • This 4 month program was designed specifically for beginners who want to get stronger but aren't sure where to start when it comes to working out at home.   The workouts are progressive, so they build off of each other and become more intense with each month
  • There are no crazy intervals or intense jumping schemes,  just controlled, fullybody workout programs to get you fit and boost strength.

Are You Tired Of Feeling Exhausted?

Do You Struggle With Body Aches and Pains?

Get Stronger

Make daily tasks easier by becoming stronger. Carry groceries with more ease, feel better and most importantly... be able to keep up with your kids!

Prevent Injury

Achy hips, sore knees, and a hurting back do not have to be of your day!  Strengthening your body can help prevent injuries and correct muscle imbalances (from pregnancy and carrying kids).  It's a lot of work to take care of littles, they stronger you are the less likely you are to injure yourself.

Feel Better

It's not about weight loss, or 'losing a muffin top', it's about training for function, mobility and the physical stress of everyday life.  When you strengthen your body you will find you feel better and have more energy throughout the day. Plus, exercise is a wonderful stress relief!

Program Goals

✓ Establish a workout routine
✓ Correct muscle imbalances
✓ Learn proper exercise form
✓ Improve daily life tasks
✓ Be able to keep up with kids

What The Program Includes:

Fit as a Mama Bear Stretching

Time Efficient Workouts

Don't have time? These workouts are specifcaly designed for efficiency. Get your workout done while your kids nap! Each fullbody workout takes only 20-30 minutes to complete. Complete the workouts 3-4x/week and watch your strength develop!

At home exercise

At Home Programs

Hate going to the gym?  Work out from the comfort of your own home (feel free to stay in your pj's!)! No need for fancy gym memberships or wasting time traveling. Get fit at home on your own time.

Band Bicep Curl

Video Demonstrations

Feel uncomfortable trying to attempt a new exercise without knowing how to do it? Each and every workout comes with a video demonstration (sometimes my little people or a pup appears!). All of the exercises are broken down so you understand the form before trying the exercises- exactly how I would teach my clients. Scroll down to take a peek at some of the exercises you'll be seeing below!

Who Am I?

I'm a  certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and certified nutrition coach(PN).  

I coach clients both online and in person.  I've been a coach for almost a decade coaching everyone from figure competitors, to traveling clients, Tough Mudder addicts and people who just want to feel better.  Now,, I work mostly with females that are super busy but want to get stronger- the right and healthy way.

What People Are Saying

"I have enjoyed the at-home workouts way more than I thought I would! They're fast, easy and at the same time challenging. Within a few weeks I got more motivated to get stronger and was even excited to move onto the next set of workouts. Being a working mom is not easy but with these workouts I can stay in shape and get stronger.. the best part of it all is that I can do all this by only taking 20 minutes of my busy day" - Laura


"I've been doing the Strong AF Workouts at home for 5 months now and I have never felt stronger or more confident! I work full time and have 2 kids, so the convenience of working out at home in the evening is just awesome. The workouts are short and my energy is so much higher than it used to be" – Rebecca


“As a busy osteopath manual therapist working out can be hard to get in. However, I strongly believe that strength training is an important component to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Shelby’s at home strength training programs are perfect for my routine! They are quick, effective and they’re designed using equipment I have. After working out with her programs I feel strong and confident. I have more energy and my clothing fits better”- Bronwyn


“I’m not a mama bear but I look forward to the workouts because I know how fast they are! Shelby also provides options for exercises that some of us might not be able to do. The workouts are straight forward, practical to do and effective.” - Sam

How to work out at home