Glute Training for Busy Moms


Have Trouble Holding Your Babes

Experience Back and/or Knee Pain

Tire Quickly While Playing With Kids

Carry Multiple Heavy Items at Once Risking Injury

5 Week AT HOME Course To Build and Strengthen Glutes

Learn to keep up with your kiddos and stay injury-free with strong glutes. The glutes muscles are often underutilized area which can make them weak and dormant. By improving their strength (and really, the strength of the entire posterior chain), mamas will have an easier time with day to day tasks.
Elevated Glute Bridge for Glute Training

Course Overview

Module 1

★Intro & Why You Need To Strengthen Glutes 
★What Do The Glutes Do? 
★Why You Need Mobile Glutes 

Module 2

★How To Activate Glutes In 6 Crucial At-Home Exercises
★12 Killer Glute Exercise Cheat Sheet 
★Cheat Sheet Breakdown – How To Perform Your Favorite Exercises  

Module 3

★How To Use The Workout Programs 
★3 Mini Glute Workouts – No Equipment Needed 
★3 Mini Glute Workouts – Resistance Bands 
★3 Glute Finishers 
★How To Use The 5-Week Progressive Program 
★5 Week Workout Progressive Programs 


★Workout for Weeks 1-3
★Progressive Workout for Weeks 4 & 5


Satisfaction Guaranteed

A Full Body Workout with Glute Finishers That You Can Do Anywhere. Anytime.

The course includes:

★ 6 Full Body Workouts

★ 3 Glute Finishers

★ 3 Mini Glute Workouts

★ 3 Progressive Glute Workouts (with bands)

★ BONUS Tutorial on how to progress your glute training

Benefits of Strong Glutes For Busy Moms

About the Instructor

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Shelby is a  certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and certified nutrition coach(PN).  She coaches clients both online and in person.  She has been a coach for almost a decade coaching everyone from figure competitors, to traveling clients, Tough Mudder addicts and people who just want to feel better.  Now, she works mostly with females that are super busy but want to get stronger- the right and healthy way.


Yes! In ten years of coaching, I have yet to meet someone who DOESN’T have positive results from stronger glutes. These workouts are perfect for moms but equally great for non-moms too. I’m know for saying “strong glutes solve life problems” with my clients- because they do! The only exception/word of caution I would mention is if you are currently pregnant. The majority of the exercises you can do however some would need to be modified. You can check out more in this post on pregnancy exercises but feel free to email me directly too so I can walk you through the specifics

Yes and no. The full-body workouts require a red resistance band and green mini loop to complete the exercises. I love these for my at-home workout clients because they’re cost-effective, don’t take up any room and allow us to better hit our postural muscles.

For the glute workouts themselves, the bands aren’t necessary as many of the exercises are bodyweight-based. But if you wish to following along the structures, glute-focused five-week program you’ll need the bands. You can grab them from Prosourcefit and if you use code mamabearfit you can save some money.

I use these mini loops and this yellow band with all my clients.

For the five-week full body workouts you will be working out three times per week for give weeks. The programs are progressive (they get harder in week four) and while they are full-body workouts they have an emphasis on glutes.

If strict training isn’t your thing, you have the option to simply use the mini glute workouts (ten minutes and under!) and glute finishers instead. In which case when you use them and how often is up to you. Though I recommend 3-4x/week for best results.

Yes. The full-body workouts are linked to video demonstrations of the workouts and each exercise individually, as are the glute finishers. You will also have access to 13 of my favorite at-home glute exercises in PDF form with an image of the exercise and specific instructions as to how to perform each exercise.

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