Four Sigmatic Coffee

I’ve always been a coffee lover. And in recent years I’ve been pretty particular about the kind of coffee I drink. But it wasn’t until two years ago I started playing around with mushroom coffee!

Fun fact: I had heard about the benefits of chaga mushroom coffee from a friend but was too cheap to actually buy the coffee. Instead, I bought dried chaga mushrooms thinking I could grind them myself and put them into my coffee before brewing.

I’m assuming you’ve never tried this yourself because you cannot grind them. It was HORRIBLE. I tried grinding, my Vitamix I even tried using a butcher knife to hack at them. No luck. I was so sweaty and eye twitchy at that point that all I could think about was the fact that I probably should have just paid the extra three dollars for the damn coffee 😉

And I have been ever since.

Four Sigmatic has been a life-saver. Not only do I get my hot cup of ethically sourced coffee but I get the health and mental benefits that comes with functional mushrooms. And for a busy mama with two at-home jobs, more often than not that means extra energy and focus- two definite necessities.

Finding mushroom coffee has been a live-saver as both a mom but especially an an entrepreneur. On days after a sleepless night with the girls, I’m able to focus on business and get everything handled and organized it, all with one cup. Mushrooms can have powerful effects and I love them now. Learn more about different kinds of mushrooms and what specifically they do.

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Lions Mane & Chaga Coffee

Chaga Latte

My coffee is no longer “just about the coffee”. It’s about all of it.

The specific taste, the energy, the health impacts.

As a busy mom, I didn’t always get to drink that first cup piping hot. And I’m not one to reheat. But now, the firsts sips of my coffee have become the five minutes I take for myself.

My cup of coffee has a purpose (and it’s not just to wake me up in the morning). But each blend I choose for a specific reason. And every day it varies; energy, focus, comfort, all of it chosen with a reason behind it.

I’ve finally found a brand of coffee that meets both my needs as a busy, entrepreneur mom as well as my health requirements.

I know that with my coffee choice I’m opting for the best I can.