1. That sounds delicious. I haven’t made anything with coconut flour yet. I’m afraid I’ll mess up. Your recipe looks easy to make. I’ll give it a try. ?

    • Pfft I mess up half of my recipes when I do trials haha the mess ups are still fun to eat 😉 Coconut flour is easy, there’s one rule: it absorbs like crazy so whenever you mix it with liquid, let it sit for three ish minutes before portioning so it can absorb everything. Otherwise, you can’t mess up cookies!!

    • Perfect! I have a really tasty almond one posted also and a hazelnut one coming- all GF… I went through a cookie obsession a few weeks ago haha

  2. COCONUT FLOUR is my FLOUR OF CHOICE! I love it soooo much! And um, sugar cookies are the total BOMB too – so yeah, basically… THESE COOKIES are happening. Probably today! Girl needs some sweetness in her life!

    • That’s because coconut flour kicks butt. Seriously, it works with everything! If you love sugar cookies make the almond ones too! You’ll eat them all while the coconut flour ones are cooking and then be ready for more 🙂

    • They’re tasty and filling so it’s nice- make them and let me know what you think!

    • Ah i love that your son loves helping out- my 2yo is always in the kitchen with me “helping” (and by helping I mean licking all the utensils :P(

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