Triple Berry Oat Parfait

The perfect snack for busy moms. It’s quick, simple, healthy and tasty! Make it the night before and it’s ready to take with you in the morning.



Make the oats by combining the first four ingredients in a large bowl. Mix well and let sit overnight (or for at least four hours) in the fridge.

The next morning, prep your fruit by slicing the strawberries.

If you’ve placed the can of coconut milk in the fridge it should be hard and solid when you open it.

Place the coconut milk into a bowl and add the stevia. Using an electric mixer whip the coconut milk until it’s light, fluffy and resembles whip cream.

Begin layering your parfait with oats, berries and coconut whip.


Note: Using full fat coconut milk is necessary. If the milk is not solid upon opening it won’t whip. If you flip the can upside down before placing it in the fridge the liquid separates making it easier. I’ve foundĀ  the brand “Native Forest OrganicĀ  Coconut Milk Classic” works best.