toys my 15m old loves

Four “Toys” My 15 Month Old Loves

Four “Toys” My 15 Month Old Loves

Four “Toys” My 15 Month Old Loves

Personally, with baby bear at 15m of age I think store bought toys are overrated. Actually, I think they’re almost all pretty much unnecessary.

You see, I keep thinking it’s a great idea to buy all these neat toys for Baby Bear. They will help her learn! She’ll love this! Omg she needs this… are only some of the reasoning that go through my head in the middle of Toys R Us.

But the truth of the matter is, my babe actually doesn’t like toys. GASP! What? How? What kind of freak of nature am I raising, right?!

But it’s true. No matter how awesome the toy is, within six minutes my child has little use for it. After her initial exploration of the new thing in the room she moves on, preferring to remove items from cupboards or play make belief with whatever she grabs.

And thus, I have stopped buying toys. Sure, we have a few things; dolls, balls, stuffed animals and whatnot. But in terms of actual toys we have very little. Instead, as of this moment, Baby Bear finds more fun in the following house hold items:


A Crate
This crate is my daughters best friend. Seriously.

Easily her favorite “toy” this crate serves a multitude of functions! She likes to climb in and out, she demands you pull or swing her around, she carries it around and collects things only to move them to other places. We’ve had the crate out for three months now and it has yet to get old.

Honestly the crate keeps her pretty busy for a while. Far longer than the “ballcano” I bought her.



I recently went through our dvd’s and got rid of a bunch. After all, who uses many dvd’s anymore with Netflix!? Anyways, baby bear found the toss out stack and went bananas. Honestly she was heaven.

She opened them all, put them back in random cases, slid them across the floor, banged them together. Stacked the cases and generally had a riot. This has now been going on about eight days and she is still loving the pile.


She alternates as to who gets the favorite chair seat

I know this sounds random but we placed a mini table and chairs in the living for future crafts (HA). Baby bear seems to love the chair. Pushing it, climbing in it, sitting in it, putting her dolly and teddy in it everything.  She herself won’t sit in it for long, but she does like to go in and out a zillion times each day.


What girl doesn’t love shoes?!

Like a typical female apparently, my daughter would play with shoes forever. She loves them. She matches them, brings them to their owner, practices putting hers on and taking them off and also requires her animals to put them on also. If there is a pile/line of shoes anywhere you can bet she will find them!


Pillows/Gym Mat
My daughter loves to tumble!

This one is huge to baby bear as she seems to think tumbling is hilarious. If you put a pillow on the floor she is doing summersaults, tumbling, having pillow fights, walking with it and falling on it and generally a laughing maniac in the living room. I switch up the size of the pillow daily and watching her play with it is honestly great entertainment.


That’s it! Truthfully at this point in time those are the most used “toys” in our household. Needless to say, I am saving a lot of money by not purchasing any new additions and it’s perfect. Baby Bear is much happier making use of everyday things than she is with something specifically designed for her. In my mind I believe this means she has a great imagination. In reality she probably just likes to learn about it all.

Anyways, save your hard earned cash and let your toddler have a pillow! 😉


What’s your babes favorite household toy?

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2 thoughts on “Four “Toys” My 15 Month Old Loves

    1. Hey Priya! It’s so true! There are so many non store bought options that littles love to play with. I’m glad someone else follows this too! My babe is much happier with things she finds in the house rather than flashy musical toys. I’ll check out the post!

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