If you’re a chocolate peanut butter fiend you’ll love this shake! It’s easy, delicious and perfect to satisfy a craving. Plus, it’s full of natural ingredients making it even better. And since you’ll have extra peanut butter balls you can munch on them whenever a craving strikes!



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Boost Your Energy With These 5 Snacks
Tired from chasing toddlers all day? Need a mid afternoon boost? These tasty snacks can help!
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    • I truthfully just make a ton of the bombs and eat them out of the freezer.. shake or not lol

    • Glad it looks good! You can’t go wrong with real chocolate and peanut butter 😀

  1. I’ve been looking for recipes that would help me with this chocolate addiction I’ve been having lately and this one seems very refreshing and tasty! 😋 I’ll have to try it out! Thanks for sharing!
    Lili x

    • I eat chocolate every single day in some form or another lol Just stick to healthier options and it’s wonderful!

    • Thanks for the photo comment Megan! The blue bowl is actually part of the china/dinnerware I got for my wedding a few years ago- so I can’t even give you a link! I use it all the time because it stands out nicely 😀

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